• Evaluations

  • Clinical

    Evaluation to explore socio-emotional and behavioral functioning to understand personality and behavior.


    Evaluation to explore cognitive functioning as well as basic academic functioning in reading, writing, and mathematics to assist in determining academic strength and weakness and deficits that may impede academic progress and performance.

    Comprehensive Psychological

    Evaluation to explore cognitive, academic, and socio-emotional functioning to provide a comprehensive picture of current functioning.


    Evaluation to explore sensorimotor, behavioral, linguistic, memory, perception, and executive functioning to assess processing deficits. Does not include cognitive or academic testing.  A comprehensive Neuropsychological includes cognitive, attention and learning deficits.


    Evaluation to explore mental processes, including memory, problem-solving, decision making, learning, and attention, which is also referred to as intelligence.


    Evaluation to explore basic academic functioning in reading, writing, and mathematics.

    Additional Evaluations

    • Admissions
    • Adaptive Functioning Evaluation
    • Autism Screener
    • Functional Behavioral Assessment